White is the new versatile color for the modern kitchen. Showing up in a variety of shades like pure white, antique white and modern white on cabinets, walls and counters, this shade brings a new and contemporary look that works with any style kitchen.

As the most timeless kitchen color, white is often used in cabinet and tile design. White exudes sleek and modern luxury, but can also be clean, traditional, and simple. It is the perfect color to brighten up the kitchen space.

It is a great color for cabinets which are one of the biggest focal points in a kitchen space. White cabinets are usually available in laminate, thermofoil or can be custom made from wood. We offer custom cabinetry for clients that can be painted, finished, or glazed for details, just check out our custom cabinetry section. Working white cabinets into your kitchen design keeps things seamless and allows for pops of color throughout your space on walls or tabletop decorations.

White can also be used in architectural elements like crown molding or chair railings which provide neutral backdrops that can be left alone or dressed up. Warm up white kitchens with colorful tiled backsplashes or decorative hardware. Add glam elements like stainless steel appliances or glossy countertops with shiny features.

The best part about a white kitchen is it never goes out of style. Just like an outfit, white can be dressed up or down with punchy colors or structured elements. Play up this neutral in a variety of rooms in your house, we’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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