We are repeatedly told by clients that they need additional linear footage of cabinetry to properly stock their kitchen. Quite often this is not the case, and instead, they just need to be wiser about using the space they have. This is one of our specialties, but our abilities to resolve such issues have been greatly enhanced by Blum’s Dynamic Space system. Tasks are broken down into zones. Storage areas are logically grouped in the kitchen, and eliminate wasted space and overstocking of various supplies while streamlining steps to complete tasks. Since installing Dynamic Space in one of our showroom displays, we’ve had a terrific response from customers. Visitors to our showroom have shown particular interest in the very clever use of storage under the kitchen sink, and the corner drawers where accessibility to the entire cabinet is often difficult or underutilizied. More than half of our kitchens now include these items as a requested client upgrade. Visit Dynamicspace or visit the Studio Mehler showroom for a hands-on demonstration.


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