The custom kitchen design in this particular Boulder, Colorado home took a great deal of inspiration from mother nature. The homeowner’s emphasized a strong focus on natural elements while maintaining a kitchen space that was functional.

We really enjoyed designing this particular kitchen space because of all of the small details that created a big impact on the overall design. To echo the mountain ranges near their home Abbaka created the mountain range on both sides of the hood in polished stainless and the sky in brushed stainless. Holes of multiple sizes were drilled in the “sky” per the client’s suggestion, and lights were built in to the top of the hood to create the starry night on the kitchen ceiling.


Since the woman of the household is a professionally trained chef she wanted to have a kitchen that offered space for food preparation, but was also elegant enough to entertain guests so we focused the design around the kitchen’s island. Using maple and cherry wood cabinets were added to the cook’s side of the island that offered both decor and storage. She insisted there would be no doors covering her pots and pans and also didn’t want solid shelves in case pans would be damp or wet when put away. A stainless line on the on the bottom of the cabinet catches and drips. We added glass faced drawers which have a sleeve for seasonal decorations. We also created a baking center that hid small appliances behind a roll out of Tambour doors. The ingredients were stored on one side, while the pans and accessories are stored in the adjacent cabinet. To enhance the cabinetry the client designed a glass inlay that paid homage to American Indian motifs.

There were so many different elements that created this cohesive design from the mountain range etching and starry night elements on the hood range to the subtle arts and crafts design on the glass inlay of the cabinetry, the kitchen represented the homeowner’s style, but also offered functionality for cooking and entertaining. To see more visit our portfolio on Houzz. For a kitchen design consultation contact our team at Domicile Designs and visit our showroom in San Francisco’s design district.

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