Luxurious Kitchen Cabinetry by Brentwood

At Domicile we are encouraging all of our suppliers to be conscious of their production and distribution processes.

Bentwood is seriously focused on its responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment by providing the most ecologically sensitive product available while offering you the flexibility to design and create the kitchen you desire. As a business, we continue to find ways to reduce production waste, emissions and energy consumption. We also work with our suppliers to increase their level of accountability to achieve similar environmental goals.
Due to our product flexibility and wide selection of materials utilized we our currently offering “green” options that you value.

Existing Environmentally Positive Wood Options

  • Any Domestic Wood Species (Alder, Cherry, Maple, etc.)
    All of our domestic sourced lumber and plywoods are supplied by FSC certified mills and distributors. US Forests are the best managed around the world.
  • Bamboo (Golden or Blonde)

New Options

Cabinet Box Construction
Bentwood offers two new interior options that have a significantly reduced formaldehyde content that meets or exceeds the most stringent emissions standards.

  • Ultra Low Formaldehyde Wood Veneer Plywood Interior
  • Ultra Low Formaldehyde White Melamine Interior Finish

It is important to note that we feel water-based finish options provide the most significant opportunity. Emissions are practically eliminated because the material is solvent free. However, it is important to make your client aware that although this finish technology is very promising, it is just starting to be used.
It meets KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) specs for durability but has not been used long enough to fully understand how it will hold up over time. Also, depending on the complexity of some of our finishes there may be times where we will have a difficult time achieving the look of our standard varnish finish.

We are continually learning and will expand or adjust this offering as new information and products become available.

For further information on kitchen and bath cabinetry products, please contact us.

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