Our showroom manager, Ron Sasina recently returned from a dealer training hosted by Bentwood Luxury Kitchens. Bentwood became a part of Studio Mehler’s San Francisco showroom 3 years ago. Since that time, Bentwood’s high standards in customer satisfaction combined with its production of fine custom cabinetry have made the company a logical choice for many of our design projects. Here are some specific points about the company and their products that deserve mention:

  • Flexibility and innovation are key to Bentwood’s production of custom wood products including doors, drawers, trims, mouldings and appliance panels;
  • Bentwood’s investment in state-of-the-art equipment for their production facility reduces product waste and streamlines production timeframes. This translates into cost-savings and faster turnaround time for the customer;
  • Quality drawer construction is standard in all Bentwood cabinets – solid maple wood frame components, dove-tail joints, all drawer edges including bottom edges are sanded to a smooth finish, and drawer guides are made of quality metal ball bearings for lifetime satisfaction;
  • The personal touch is an integral part of the production process – repeat hand sanding of all wood components throughout Bentwood’s production steps ensures a smooth, quality finish for their custom cabinets;
    All domestic wood species and plywood are from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and distributors. See www.fsc.org for more information;
  • Bentwood offers “Terra Verde” or “Green Earth” as an alternative for utilizing Green products in construction – water-based stains, water-based seal and top coats are solvent-free, and offer the customer a significant opportunity to be green in their cabinet construction;
  • Bentwood will soon be offering custom doors and windows manufactured at their factory;
    Established in 1989, this award-winning company continues to build upon it’s reputation as a leader in the fine custom cabinet industry.

To find out more about what Studio Mehler and Bentwood Luxury Kitchens can do for you and your cabinet project, please visit Bentwood Kitchens.

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