Custom Closet Design Conveyor System

Domicile specializes in custom closet design and configurations. There is nothing modular or preset about what we offer. Among the options available for a person with a large wardrobe but limited space is a personal conveyor system. People think of lining the walls of their closets with hanging bars, shelves and pull down bars. However, they never think about leaving the outside walls blank and using only the open space within the room. When we explain the various rotating devices available to dramatically increase the amount of storage in limited spaces, people are thrilled with the possibilities. They also are quite surprised at how affordable these somewhat exotic devices can be.

To us, this is the entry level product that illustrates the concept of the conveyor system. We can build any size, any length and any configuration. Imagine an odd closet that is about 4’6” wide and 10’ deep. If you line the walls with 2’ deep hanging rods you couldn’t get into the room to see the clothes. However, install a rotating conveyor system and the clothes will come to you. Stand at a doorway, push the control switch and every article of clothing you own will pass by for your perusal. You can use a variety of single hanging rods, double hanging rods, cloth shelves for folded items, shoe racks and more. We are currently installing a system in Marin County that will hold over 300 articles of hanging clothes with 30 shelves for folded items – all in a very narrow, formerly wasted space. Needless to say, this is not your average closet.

There are many, many options for storing your valuable clothing and personal belongings.

Call the experts at Domicile. We’re full of creative ideas.


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