Our team loves kitchen design and remodeling projects and as leaders in the industry for several years we’ve learned a few things about efficient kitchen design, must have items, and project budgeting. We want to offer the most useful information possible to our customers to ensure that the kitchen design process is seamless and beautiful.

Here are some of our tips for proper kitchen design:

Be Creative
First and foremost, be creative! With any home design project there is always an opportunity to let your personality shine through. This is the fun part. Select colors that reflect you and your family’s mood, choose artful lighting fixtures or unique accessories for cabinetry. It’s also helpful to have a style or theme in place to create an overall ambiance, i.e. shabby chic, country modern, or contemporary, either way we can help you select the appropriate furnishings for your style and budget.

Make the Most of Your Space
Utilize the space within your home. Although kitchen remodel and design projects can be flexible, sometimes a full overhaul of a kitchen isn’t an option. Designers have to make use of what’s given to them, whether the kitchen is small or large it’s important to utilize and maximize all of the available space within your kitchen. If your kitchen is small consider bringing your cabinets up to the ceiling to add height and depth to the room, but to also provide additional storage space for items that aren’t used everyday. If you have a large kitchen install an island to offer more entertaining space.

Leave Some Breathing Room
Don’t overcrowd your space. Make sure you leave room to breathe, move around, and enjoy the kitchen. The last thing you want is to cramp the space with cabinets, countertops and appliances that don’t give you room to cook or entertain.

Know When to Stop
Kitchen design projects can be fun, but also overwhelming with the plethora of design options and new products to choose from. It’s good to know when to stop so you don’t go overboard and over budget. Filling your kitchen up the gills and over-designing takes away from the aesthetics of the space. Use restraint and seek guidance from your design professional.
If you’re looking to redesign or remodel your kitchen, call the professional team of designers and contractors at Domicile San Francisco!

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