If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project we’ve got a perfect place to start, the kitchen sink! Whether you wish to modernize your current kitchen or start completely from scratch we list our favorite remodeling necessity and the different options to provide some inspiration.

Kitchen Sink Ideas:

The Self-Rimmed Sink – Best for quick and easy installations. It can simply be dropped into the hole cut into the counter and is compatible with a variety of materials.

Undermount Sinks– Provides no visible edges for a seamless look, but requires precise measurements and professional installation for the best fit.

Farm Style Sink– This deep basin sink offers a classic design. The sink is deeply set into the countertop and sits independently within the counterspace.

Integrated Sink– Combines counter top and sink offering a seamless design with no visible joints. These sinks are modern and provide a great work and prep space.

Composite Sinks– Offers an alternative to stainless steel made from acrylic or polyester-resin. These sinks are durable and resistant to stains.

Divided Sinks– Provides two spaces for multi-functional usage. It offers a space for prep and cleaning as well as storage.

The Deep Sink– Is 2 inches deeper than the traditional 8 inch sink offering more room for pots and pans and keeps unsightly dishes obscured from view.

Prep Sinks – Perfect for the wet bar or for the kitchen island. This sink is smaller and used primarily for washing veggies and fruit and hands. It is an extension of the wet bar or prep station.

Now you know the differences in the variety of kitchen sinks and can make an educated decision. If you need a bit more help with your kitchen remodeling project contact our design team!

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