We’ve discussed some of the cons of DIY kitchen design and remodeling in previous blog posts, but we’d like to take you through a tale of terrible kitchen designs and remodeling projects due to lack of proper measurement and planning.

“Measure twice, design once”. Every inch or half an inch counts when it comes to kitchen design and remodeling. Inaccurate measurements can cost you a lot of money in the long run. If a cabinet, countertop, or appliance doesn’t fit because of bad measurement it could be costly to fix.

Humans make mistakes and it’s true that some kitchens have been built with strange and unavoidable corners, unmovable moldings or designs or have small and random spaces in certain areas, but regardless, it’s important to measure and measure again.

island-300x209We decided to share some of our favorite kitchen measuring disasters:

Kitchen Islands:
There is literally an island in the middle of this kitchen. There is barely any room to move freely about the space without bumping into this massive island tabletop. Although it provides counter space it is taking up the majority of the kitchen floor. If this homeowner wanted to add barstools around this island it would take up even more space. There is a happy medium when it comes to kitchen island selection.



This island is way too small to serve a functional purpose. The size of the kitchen overpowers this particular choice for a kitchen island and ends up looking like a night stand in the middle of the kitchen. This really wouldn’t serve a proper purpose in a functioning kitchen and is just in the way. A kitchen island should be an extension of counter space providing a prep station, dining area, and sometimes is used as a cooktop or sink.
Negative Space:

Fall into the gap! The following photos show a lot of space between cabinets, walls and appliances. Maybe the appliances in the photos are outdated, but additional space should be utilized properly to make the most of the kitchen. Leaving space between appliances, cabinets, and doorways may seem like a good idea for storage purposes, but looks unsightly from an aesthetic perspective. Make sure to keep things tight and fitted when designing a kitchen, that way additional space can be used for a proper storage unit.



Cabinets are an important aspect of the kitchen. They are the main source for storage in the kitchen space, providing room for food, goods, utensils and cookware, but sometimes people make mistakes with cabinets, calling for a little or too much.

There’s too little


There’s too much


No matter what you want your dream kitchen to look like, it’s important to take some time to thoroughly look over the layout, pick your must haves and do withouts, and hire a design professional, that way you won’t even have to worry about the measuring!

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