We obviously love sharing kitchen design and remodeling projects, tips and techniques with you, but we also love inspiring people to enhance and improve their current kitchen space. How better to do that than with a little new year cleaning and organizing.

Although the task may seem daunting, it can actually be rather fun, especially with the right tips and tools.

Are you lacking cabinet space?
Place a lazy susan in your cabinet space to act as a revolving spice rack or for canned goods. This maximizes the space in your cabinets allowing for items in the back to be reach easily. We like this one from Organize It and it’s only $26.99.

Small Kitchen or Small Budget?
More often times than not we are not maximizing space or money. Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle. It’s important to remember that many items in our kitchen serve multiple purposes or can be repurposed.. Store your dinner utensils in coffee mugs, likely you have a separate mug for forks, knives and spoons. If you have an empty vase while there aren’t any flowers in it, display colorful cooking tools. What about those rainbow spatulas you got for a gift? Use your old dish drying rack to stack pot lids, give it a coat of fresh paint for a new look.. Display fancy spices to double as tabletop decor.

Group Items Together
This organizational technique keeps things together and makes them easier to find. Designate a drawer for Saran wrap, tinfoil, Ziplocs and other food storage. Create a space for all your cooking pots and pans to keep other areas a bit cleaner. Stack dishes in one area and cups and mugs in another to keep things tidy.

Multi-Purpose Wall Shelves
If you’re out of cabinet and drawer space utilize the walls. Install floating wall shelves or ones with hooks and stack your cookbooks on top and hang aprons and dish towels on hooks. Try this one from Ikea, it even has drawers!

Just cleaning up your space can make your kitchen space seem renovated and undoubtedly bigger and brighter. Donate items you may not need or use any longer. Saving space is about decluttering your space and saving money is about thinking creatively and using things in different ways. Get organized this new year. For more kitchen design tips or for a design consultation contact our team at Domicile.

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