A neutral kitchen has been the standard in the American home. The crisp color of white just makes a kitchen clean and bright, but sometimes white can be boring. The new kitchen is getting a facelift in small ways, but they’re making a big impact. Designers are brightening up hues by using colorful palettes on the everyday kitchen cabinet. It can get even crazier with dual color cabinets and contrasting walls. Here are our favorite color schemes for your new kitchen!

green-and-white-kitchenLet’s ease you into a new color with Green + White.The color change is subtle, but distinct. The majority of the kitchen remains cool and confident dressed in white, but pops of color appear through a leafy green cabinet or kitchen island. Keep your cabinets a natural wood or get back to basics with white and add a soothing green wallpaper or paint we like Glidden’s Soothing Green Tea.






light-blue-kitchen-300x224For a bolder, but relatively smooth transition turn to the sea and sky with light blue hues that brighten up your kitchen cabinets and space, but still exudes the feeling of relaxation. Try two different shades of light blues to offer contrast or go bold and bright with a cerulean or navy color. Your new cabinetry will go great with brightly colored drapes or plain white shutters, your choice. Try Behr Tropical Pool.





coral-and-grey-kitchen-300x233Making more definitive changes we like a bright and neutral combination like Coral or Orange + Grey. Let’s say you’ve chosen granite or slate countertops, add a little spice to the kitchen space with Coral or Ultra Orange by Valspar on your cabinets or shelves. If you favor the orange idea, but can’t commit to too much color, start somewhere small, maybe shelving inside glass cabinetry get the new hue.





red-and-mahogany-kitchen-300x253Lastly, this color combo works perfectly for the darker themed kitchen design. Maybe you truly enjoy your mahogany custom built cabinetry. You love the deep brown tones, but need a color boost to make the kitchen more inviting. Try a Gumball Red from Olympic and change the color of your dining table and chairs or your kitchen island. Red + Black or Mahogany give a kitchen space a rustic yet modern look.

Colored kitchen cabinetry is making it’s way into the new American kitchen and we hope you experiment and try some of the color palettes we love. If you’re stuck on a new kitchen design and remodeling project all together, call our team of experts at Domicile San Francisco.


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