Domicile SF – Butterfly House

Domicile was privileged to provide kitchen design, cabinets, and countertops for the interiors of the iconic Butterfly House along the California Coast in Carmel California. This is one of the few properties on the ocean side of Scenic Road in Carmel by the Sea.

The name of the house came from the unique roof line referred to as butterfly wings. The roof and oceanside fenestration are both angular in nature. The owners were sensitive about the restoration of this regional landmark. They referred to the original architectural plans and advice of the original architect’s descendents.

domicile sf-butterfly-6

For this special kitchen design project the wood of choice for the cabinetry and casework was Mahogany. Due to the spectacular location of the kitchen directly on the sea we kept the lines simple and understated. The location of the kitchen was original, the shape was not. The coastal commission was very particular in the preservation of certain aspects. For example, the original window sizes and placement, therefore the high concrete backsplashes matched by a raised counter on the opposite side.

The sensual lines of the kitchen soffit replicated the soft undulations of the kitchen cabinetry and kitchen countertops. The dining area, living room and kitchen created one continuous open space. We envisioned a kitchen design to mesh with the adjoining spaces, but wanted it to have an identity of it’s own. The raised bar delineates the space and doubles as a buffet and eating bar. 

We used solid concrete countertops by Bohemian Stoneworks to allow a clean, continous line with limited interruptions for seams. A seating area near the kitchen was redesigned and rebuilt with the identical mahogany used in the kitchen. The area is welcoming and comfortable and faces an awesome ocean view.

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