Happy New Year Everyone! The new year brings fortune, hope and great news for 2014. The housing market and residential remodeling is on the rise. There have been strong gains in residential remodeling which is projected to increase into 2015. According to Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, “homeowner spending on improvements is expected to see its strongest growth since the height of the housing boom”. Home sales are continuing to grow at a double digit pace and as housing prices rise it is helping homeowners rebuild their equity lost during the housing market crash.


Those who suffered from the housing market, i.e. college graduates and young professionals, have been able to decrease debt and increase their savings over the past few years, especially with the common trend of having roommates or moving in with mom and dad. Through it they have been fortunate enough to correct their excesses and move forward in purchasing a home. And since new home building isn’t on a rise, many of these individuals are purchasing older homes with the goal to remodeling and redesign.

This is great news for design studios and companies like Domicile San Francisco, who offer experienced design and kitchen remodeling services to clients. Customized design plans are suitable for any budget and consultations are free of charge. If you’re purchasing a new home this year and are looking for a kitchen redesign, contact our team of experts today!

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