The kitchen goes green! Before we have homeowners and interior designers gasping in horror, we don’t mean the color green, although we have seen some tasteful kitchen remodels and re-designs that utilize the color perfectly, we mean eco-friendly. “Going Green” has become a building philosophy as more people are trying to incorporate sustainable materials and design aspects that give back to the environment by promoting reusable energy and conversation. And although some may believe you sacrifice design for efficiency, it’s just not the case. Take a look at some of our favorite eco-friendly kitchen products that benefit aesthetics and the environment.

energy-efficient-windows-for-kitchen-remodel-195x300Energy Efficient Windows:
Windows in a kitchen not only add a natural element, it also brightens up a room with ample light making electrical lighting overhead unnecessary during the day. Energy efficient windows also provide insulation to reduce heating and cooling bills, can lower condensation creating a warmer environment during cooler months and offer fade reduction saving carpeting, counter tops and furniture.






salvaged-sink-for-kitchen-remodel-243x300Salvaged Materials:
Recycling is almost second nature nowadays, but remember when remodeling a kitchen you don’t need to throw everything out, especially a perfectly good kitchen sink. Try to reuse and salvage items from your outdated kitchen and bring it into play in your new design. This reduces the waste in landfills and saves money.





recycled-wood-butcher-block-for-kitchen-remodel-300x181Recycled Countertops:

Although natural counter tops like sandstone, granite and marble are growing in popularity sometimes we forget the usefulness of wood. Try adding a recycled wood butcher-block to half of your counter space or island. The wood offers a rustic look and feel and also offers a second life to recycled wood materials.



cork-flooring-for-kitchen-remodel-240x300Eco-Friendly Flooring:

There are so many flooring materials that are eco-friendly. Many of us are familiar with wood and the benefits, but what about cork? You heard right! Cork flooring offers a durable and natural surface that’s comfortable for your feet. Even better the cork tree regenerates every nine years which makes for quick recovery in the woods.

We only have one planet and it’s our responsibility as humans to care for what mother nature has offered us. Try any of these eco-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas in your next home and if you need more design advice contact our team at Domicile San Francisco!

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