We love natural household cleaners, the less harmful chemicals the better! Thus we’ve searched far and wide to provide you with a list of our favorite natural cleaners many made from ingredients around the household, along with proper care tips for cabinets, floors, and counter tops.

For cabinet care we recommend regular use of a microfiber cloth for dusting and daily cleaning. The soft fibers are not abrasive on natural wood and can be used on a variety of cabinet materials. For wooden cabinet care we love Murphy’s Oil Soap, it safely cleans finished wood and doesn’t leave a dulling residue. If you have laminated, glass or plastic cabinets, you can make a quick and chemical free all-purpose cleaner from everyday items.

In a spray bottle mix:
1 tsp borax
1/2 tsp washing soda
1 tsp liquid castille soap
Essential oils are preferred- I use 4 drops lemon, 4 drops lavender and 10 drops orange
Add 2 cups warm water

For countertops and tables it’s important to know what’s in your cleaner as some ingredients may damage various materials. Never use vinegar or lemon on granite counters, as the acidity can erode the finish and seep into the stone. Also keep in mind that many of the stock granite cleaners available in stores are made of extremely harsh chemicals, thus we recommend our aforementioned microfiber cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner which works great on granite and other counter and table tops.

Depending on the type of floors you have in your kitchen, cleaning will vary, but any floor can be cleaned naturally. For kitchen floors we like combining the following solution in a spray bottle:
½ Cup White Vinegar
1 TBS Vegetable Oil
Few drops of essential oil for scent

Spray on the floor and wipe up with microfiber mop to lift stains and bring back shine. It’s safe on all floor types.
For an all-purpose floor cleaner add equal parts vinegar to water to your mop bucket and mop with this microfiber wet mop.
Proper care and cleaning with natural products not only keeps your home free of chemicals, making it safer for your family and your pets, it also preserves the life of your kitchen cabinet, floors and countertops.

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(Photo Cred: Andy Adler)

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