For those of you who may not be familiar with Pinterest it is a social “pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies”. Pinterest has become a widely used social image platform since it’s release in 2010 reaching over 11 million visitors in the United States.


But what can Pinterest do for home and kitchen design, decor, and remodeling? A ton! And it’s literally just a pin away. First things first, for the novice the best way to decide how you want to design or decorate your kitchen or home is through example; flipping through the pages of a Better Homes and Garden magazine, visiting a design showroom like Domicile’s in San Francisco, or the new way pinning design ideas onto your Pinterest Kitchen Remodel (cross linking to Kitchen Remodel Page) Board.
Pinterest allows users to create a Pinterest Board and title, for example, Kitchen Design & Remodel. Once the user has created their board they just search in the Pinterest search toolbar for images. Let’s say I want design my kitchen around the following theme “country, shabby and chic kitchen”. Pinterest populates a plethora of images that are related to these categories and viola! All you have to do is select the images that you like. You have the option of doing two things; liking the image, which saves the image or pin in your “likes” box or pin the image, which allows you to directly pin the image to a specific board.

The other great aspect of Pinterest is that the pins are typically attached to a direct link to the source, i.e. a image of a blue velvet couch, can bring a user to the manufacturer and a place to purchase. Quite literally kitchen design and remodel are at your fingertips. With the new way of “pinning and designing” you are given a virtual space that allows you to display your ideas on a board without having to lug around catalogs, cut out images, or try to remember and relocate where you saw something you liked on the internet. With Pinterest you can easily create your kitchen design and remodeling board and instantly share that board with friends, family, and most importantly your designer and contractor.

This makes the conception process easier and more fun! If you haven’t joined the Pinterest revolution, maybe it’s time to get technical. Sign on, Pin Away and then send the creative concepts of your Pinterest Boards to kitchen design professionals like Domicile in San Francisco. Their team of designers and contractors will review your ideas and likes and get you on the way to the kitchen of your dreams. And to think it started with just one click.

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