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SOSS Ultralatch “Door Knob of the Future”
We have been doing residential renovations for over 38 years. As our clients have aged, as have we, we have learned that dexterity is something that varies wildly in older Americans. The simplest tasks can become arduous without consideration for the ways our bodies have changed. One very simple task, done countless times every day, is opening and closing a door. Tightened or arthritic joints can make this easy motion a painful endeavor. Also, door knobs can prove problematic if you happen to be carrying items without a free hand – how do you grab that knob without setting things down?

Enter the new Ultralatch door handle. There is no twisting or rotating involved in opening this door latch. You simply apply weight in a downward motion or push forward as you approach the door. Have your arms full of laundry? – just lean forward and open the door. Have problems rotating your wrist? – not a problem with this latch that you just touch and it engages. Please watch the attached video to see how such a simple invention can truly improve lives in so many ways. This is a product we are genuinely excited to endorse.

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