At Domicile we offer a wide selection of high quality natural wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Our San Francisco kitchen cabinet showroom contains samples of many styles, colors, and sizes. We pride ourselves in our large selection of cabinets, countertops, and floor models to spark your imagination. In tandem with Ken’s creativity Domicile will help you design and remodel an amazing kitchen for your home.

Your kitchen cabinets are often the most prominent feature of your kitchen, so choosing the perfect style and material for your kitchen’s design is essential. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern feel, Domicile has the perfect cabinetry for every home.

San Francisco Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Domicile can help you choose the custom cabinets to fit your specific needs. Cabinets that are not only beautifully matched to your kitchen’s design, but also crafted around unique architecture or appliances like an oversized fridge or dishwasher. Choose from an assortment of green materials to make your custom kitchen a sustainable as well as beautiful addition to your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Configurations


There are many ways in which kitchen cabinets can be configured within in your kitchen. They can sit on the floor with a counter on top, attached to the wall, or sit on the floor and extend to the ceiling. Base kitchen cabinets are configured so the cabinet sits on your kitchen floor with a countertop fastened on top. Choose from our displays of kitchen countertops and let us help you build the perfect combination of cabinet and countertop. Wall mounted kitchen cabinets attach to your wall either flush against the ceiling or as floaters. Full-height cabinets extend from your floor to your ceiling and come in different so even taller kitchen ceilings can accommodate spacious and beautiful cabinets.

Traditional to Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchens have a formal, elegant look characteristic of 18th, 19th and early 20th century American and European homes. Typical design styles in this category include Victorian and Edwardian. Expect to see more ornate molding and trim; elegant cabinets in cherry, walnut and mahogany; and antique fixtures and appliances.

Modern, minimalist and geometric are adjectives used to describe contemporary design. When it comes to kitchen cabinets characteristics include horizontal lines, asymmetry and a lack of molding and other ornamentation.

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