You find the best information on appliances from the people who actually maintain them, not always the people who sell them. Recently an excellent Miele repairman named Eric Morton shared a very interesting piece of information. Dishwasher soap is designed to interact and work best with a variety of components. The technical make up of various fats and residue left on plates are required for the soap to work properly. If you rinse them all off, your dishes can’t be properly cleaned and the soap cannot properly function. In an email he entitled “The exciting world of soap!” this tidbit was included:

“In order to perform its cleaning function, a good detergent must penetrate, break down and loosen the soil in the time allowed during the dishwasher’s washing cycle. It must condition the water, prevent build up of stains, and prepare a clean and germ-free surface for the rinse cycle. Knowing the Ingredients necessary to formulate s detergent is not enough to guarantee a good product. All of the chemicals must be combined in exactly the right proportions to give optimum cleaning results” -Eric.

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