Let’s face it technology has gotten better, brighter, and frankly a little smarter than us. With the invention of the smartphone we have handheld computers that process information and give us instant gratification and we can’t help but crave more. Now technology is becoming more prevalent in our households, especially in the new smart kitchen.

We’d like to share our favorite new gadgets and technology for our favorite space in the house, the kitchen!

The Blanco Ronis Entertainment Sink


This is more than a sink and it’s pretty entertaining to use. A multi-functional sink that makes entertaining, preparing and cleaning easy. The sinks unique round sink resembles a big kitchen bowl which saves spaces and the integrated accessories are designed with the ultimate host in mind, coined as “the culinary entertainment center, designed to make life deliciously easier”. The stainless steel tray with a prep bowl and colander is nestled into the rim of the sink and floats for easy 360 degree movement. The sink also comes with a glass cutting board that covers just half of the sink for the simplicity of “chop and drop”. Blanco Ronis’ MicroEdge technology provides a seamless look on any countertop.

The Gaggenau Cooktop


A countertop that cooks your food! Unreal right? Wrong, Gaggenau has made it very real and available for your dream kitchen. The induction cooktop surface uses precision heat transfer by magnetic field optimizing energy and creating a faster cooking time. The diameter of the pot’s base is detected by the surface and only that area is heated, no heat is lost. The design accommodates to pots and pans of all shapes and sizes, making it the most energy efficient and versatile cooking top on the market. The cooktop is crafted with ⅛- inch thick stainless steel which can be mounted with or without a visible edge.




This innovative pop-up products is redefining kitchen cabinetry and taking it into the third dimension. The S Box provides space saving technology for kitchens, worktops and surfaces, leaving you clutter free. The S Box can be used for utensil storage, spices, electronics, and power outlets and keeps them hidden from view and available at the touch of a finger. Products drop in and out of the box and revert into the surface in which is installed after use.

The All in One Fridge


A fridge that has everything but food and beverages. Liebherr has created fully integrated refrigeration appliances that are all inclusive. These appliances have refrigeration, freezer, wine coolers and beverage centers and multi temperature controls all in one. The refrigeration system comes in a variety of sizes and can easily fit in any space and behind cabinets to give your a kitchen a uniformed appearance. Liebherr also incorporates their BioFresh technology which keeps the perfect climate for your foods helping them to last longer, ideal for fruits, vegetables, meat and fish to assist in maintaining their flavors and retain their vital nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals.

As you can see with just a short list of the newest kitchen gadgetry and technology our everyday kitchen appliances are getting a facelift. Many of our everyday items are being built with computer technology and our “home-life” is getting easier and kitchens smarter. The smart kitchen is getting closer to having a mind of it’s own. If you need kitchen design and remodeling, contact us for a free consultation.


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