There’s no shortage of technology and ways to make our lives easier especially in the kitchen. We’ve seen smart technology transform everyday appliances into self-sufficient machines check out our previous post, but now there’s an app for your apps, appliances that is.

Long are the days of burnt chicken and barely audible oven timers, GE has created a mobile app that allows owners of their GE Profile wall oven to preheat the oven, set the timer, check the cooking status and receive timely information while in or outside of the home. Now if it could only taste the food for the right flavors and spices, that would really be something.


None the less, this new technology is making multi-tasking even more possible. The GE appliances come in two styles as a double wall and single wall oven. They feature seamless paneling which makes them fit conveniently within the wall. The new GE profile wall oven features these new capabilities after installation and for those who own smart phones the app is available for download at the App Store or on Google Play as the GE Brillion mobile app and acts as a remote control.

Control your appliance from anywhere in your home. Turn on your oven while lounging in the backyard, get an alert when the pie is ready, and lower the temperature of the oven from the living room while you’re finishing the movie. Technology is making the kitchen one of the savviest places in the home. Check out GE’s page for more. Contact our team of experts for more kitchen design advice.

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